A century before Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield opened a downtown ice cream shop in a renovated gas station, Burlington was the third largest lumber port in the country. Today, the ships are gone, and the waterfront is a scenic park. But Burlington remains Vermont’s economic epicenter, with manufacturing, technology, health care, and higher education at its core. Some of the fastest-growing companies in America are right here, including Image Relay, IXIS and Resonant Link, as well as BETA Technologies, OnLogic, and GlobalFoundries.

One of Vermont’s largest employers—the University of Vermont Medical Center—is in Burlington, a short walk from the University of Vermont, Champlain College, and Community College of Vermont

Not a nine-to-fiver? Our start-up scene and creative economy are tightly woven into the city’s fabric, making Burlington a welcoming, vibrant place for entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, dreamers, and doers.


You've heard of Silicon Valley? Welcome to the Silicon Forest. Vermont's carving out its very own niche in the tech industry, and it's bigger and busier than you might think. Explore through a number of high-pace fast-growing Tech start-ups, well established tech companies, and global giants! 


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South End Get Down in the summer in South Burlington VT


Vermont's tourism and hospitality sector offers a blend of career opportunities amidst the state's beauty and world-class hospitality. From charming bed and breakfasts to acclaimed farm-to-table restaurants, Vermont's tourism industry promises rewarding roles in a welcoming atmosphere. With a robust economy driven by tourism and a culture that celebrates local charm, Vermont stands as an ideal locale for those seeking fulfilling work in the heart of New England's hospitality scene.


In Burlington innovation and tradition thrive side by side in our burgeoning manufacturing sector. You'll find craftspeople with generational experience along with high tech facilities and companies on the cutting edge of their industries.


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Come to Burlington, Vermont, where the heartbeat of healthcare innovation pulses through every corner of our city. Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountain State, Burlington is home to the renowned UVM Medical Center, a beacon of excellence in patient care, research, and medical education.