Church Street

Church Street has long been a bustling thoroughfare in the heart of Burlington, VT, where the vibrant pulse of the city can always be felt. However, its true transformation came with the birth of the Church Street Marketplace. What was once a busy part of town has now become an extraordinary destination that epitomizes the spirit of community and commerce. Today, the Church Street Marketplace is a symbol of Burlington and a tapestry of local shops, enticing restaurants, and eclectic boutiques, each offering a unique slice of Burlington's rich culture and artistic flair.

The Church Street Marketplace has become the beating heart of Burlington, a place where locals and visitors converge to celebrate the city's vibrant spirit and support its thriving community of local entrepreneurs. It serves as a testament to the diverse nature of Burlington, offering a platform for local businesses to flourish and share their passions with the world. Wander off the beaten path of Church Street and you'll discover local parks, delightful bookstores, cozy cafes with freshly brewed coffee, and art galleries showcasing the talent and creativity of local artisans.

Local Favorites