Snowmobiling, or “sledding” as it’s often called in Vermont, has been a favorite winter pastime for over 40 years. Vermont has more than 5,000 miles of well-marked and beautifully maintained trails on both public and private land throughout the state. Trails skirt up the flanks of the rugged green mountains. They whoosh through agricultural land buried deep under winter snow. And they wind through pristine forest creeping over mountain passes and connecting communities. A hundred and twenty groomers keep the network in top condition all winter. They’re operated by the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) and its local clubs. Most of the groomers are GPS enabled, so sledders can get current conditions reports, all on an interactive map on VAST’s website. Bring your own sled and explore northern hardwood forests, frosty river basins, rolling farmland, and fourth class roads within 15 minutes of Burlington.

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