Just picture this: the Amtrak Ethan Allen Express rolls into Union Station in the Summer of 2022, and bam! Suddenly, Burlington becomes a transportation wonderland with land, air, rail, and water options at your fingertips. We're talking next-level connectivity here, folks. No matter how you like to roll, Burlington's got your back.

But wait, there's more! Our funky city isn't stopping there. We're all about that bicycle life. Burlington and its awesome surrounding region are going all-in on bike accessibility. We're building an epic network of bike paths and lanes that's getting bigger and better by the day. You can pedal your way through this town with a big ol' grin on your face, knowing that safety and convenience are our top priorities. We're proud to embrace all sorts of transportation options, from zipping around in electric cars to cruising on sailboats. By encouraging sustainable and active travel, we're giving Mother Earth a well-deserved high-five! So come on down and revel in the transportation network of greater Burlington. We're proud to offer convenient and sustainable mobility options that'll have you exploring this funky town like never before.