The South End

Welcome to the South End Arts District of Burlington, where a thriving arts community, fantastic restaurants, local breweries and much more are conveniently located within blocks of each other. At the heart of this neighborhood lies Pine Street, the bustling artery that pulsates with creative energy through Burlington. Pine Street proudly boasts the densest concentration of breweries in the state, making it a beer lover's paradise. Discover a world of unique flavors and craft brews as you hop from one brewery to another. Every Friday, the South End comes alive with the electric atmosphere of the South End Get Down. This weekly event is a must-attend, featuring an array of food trucks serving up delicious local delights and live music that sets the stage for an unforgettable evening of entertainment and community spirit.

Just a short walk from Main Street, the South End's cultural corridor beckons with its vibrant energy and creative offerings. Dscover local talent, and experience the unique charm that defines this remarkable neighborhood.


Local Favorites