Ice Climbing

Vermont has some of the best ice climbing routes in the U.S., and many are easily accessible from the Queen City. Just 30 minutes south of Burlington, Bolton Quarry is an ice climbing playground, with columns, corners, and curtains in the WI3-5 range. Craggy, steep, sinuous, and narrow, Smuggler’s Notch feels almost like a canyon. In winter, the Notch Road is closed to cars, and open to climbers, skiers, snowshoers, and sleds. Workout Wall is beginner-friendly, with ice graded WI2-4+. Experienced climbers will want to swing an ax on Dave’s Snotcicle (WI3-4), Ragnorock (WI4-5, M5), and 1000' Hidden Gully (WI3-4). If you’re self-supported, check for conditions. The ice climbing curious can book a lesson or hire a guide to learn the ropes from Petra Cliffs, in Burlington, which offers half a dozen ice climbing courses.

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