No doubt about it. Vermont winemakers are unlocking the region’s terroir with delicious and exciting results. Up in the gorgeous Champlain Islands you can explore winemakers like Ellison Estate Vineyards with their Grand Isle Tasting Room. To the south be sure to visit Shelburne Vineyards to round out a day trip to the Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farms.

If you want to stay in town, you’re in luck as well-- that dedication to dynamic flavor is translated into local wine lists. Dip your toe into natural wine of Vermont and beyond at the open-air deck of Dedalus Wine Shop, Market and Wine Bar, where bright rosès and chilled Chablis hold court with the fresh bubbles from local winemaking legend La Garagista. Closer to the Church Street Marketplace you’ll find the charming Wilder Wines with a global selection of outstanding wines along with local favorites.


Maple Open House is a great opportunity to meet and connect with Vermont’s Maple Sugar Makers. The doors to sugar shacks from across the region will be open for observation, education, and…