All Things Cannabis

The 802 has a lot of forward-thinking cannabis enthusiasts. Medical use has been legal for nearly two decades and many local businesses have created high quality, value-added cbd and hemp-based products for years.  In October of 2022, Vermont will move forward with legalizing the sale of recreational, adult-use marijuana.  As we cross this threshold, it's important for visitors and residents alike to understand what is and is not legal in regards to cannabis consumption. Please note that we use the terms cannabis and marijuana interchangeably here, while referring to CBD and Hemp-based products as such.

Adults will be able to:
  • Buy cannabis from state-licensed recreational marijuana retailers.
  • Consume cannabis on private property.
  • Possess up to one ounce of cannabis on their person. Possession of more than one ounce is a misdemeanor that results in a $500 fine or six months of jail time.
  • Share, give away and receive cannabis within the state of Vermont as long as all parties are over the age of 21.
Adults Cannot:
  • Sell or give retail cannabis to minors.
  • Use cannabis on Lake Champlain. The Lake is considered a public space.
  • Smoke cannabis or consume cannabis edibles in a public place. (This includes restaurants, bars, parks, sidewalks, etc.).
  • There is no smoking of any kind in Vermont hotel rooms. There is a cleaning fee for all violations.
  • Operate a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis.
  • Transport cannabis across state lines or on international waterways.
  • Transport cannabis to the airport or on any flights, even flights within the state. 
  • Purchase cannabis products from establishments that are not licensed to sell such products.

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