It's November in Vermont, and as Strafford-native and increasingly popular singer-songwriter Noah Kahan would say, "It's the Season of the Sticks."

The time between the last leaves falling and the first real snowfall, Stick Season is when the iconic Green Mountains are fully visible in all their stark, raw beauty. While not as colorful as summer and fall or cozy as winter, it's still a great time to visit Greater Burlington. 

To help get us in the mood, acclaimed landscape photographer Caleb Kenna has created this stunning visual ode to Vermont's forgotten season, going aerial to capture the Burlington, Vermont area as few have seen it. From the Appalachian Gap to Battery Park, Caleb's photos show how beautiful Vermont is even at this time of great change and transition. 

A solitary gore winds through the Appalachian Gap during stick season

aerial photo of Battery Park in Burlington, Vermont

Aerial shot of Waterfront Park, Burlington, VT

Burlington Bay, Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountains

Map of the United States on basketball court at Charlotte playground

Earth clock on the Burlington bike path

The sun rises near Camels Hump, Vermont

Aerial photo of a solitary tree after the first snowfall of the year

Sunrise in the Champlain Valley

Boats stored for winter

A walking path in Charlotte, VT

Aerial view of a cornfield near Burlington, VT

Looking north from Button Bay on Lake Champlain

Lonely Tree

Sunset over a farm near Cornwall, VT

Aerial view of a solitary tree during stick season in Vermont

Stick Season in Vermont.



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