For those in the loop, Spotify's Sound Towns are all about celebrating diverse musical tastes that define cities around the globe. And Burlington? We're right there on the map, showing off our love for indie and alternative beats. Spotify Wrapped seems to have a little crush on the Queen City and  honestly, it couldn't be more fitting for our vibrant, eclectic region.

What's super cool about this is how Spotify figures out your Sound Town. It's not just about what tunes you're jamming to, but how your favorite artists resonate in different corners of the world. It's like we're all part of this big, interconnected musical web. And for a city that's as active and locally-focused as Burlington, being connected, yet unique, is what we're all about.Spotitfy Wrapped - Transparent Background

We're not just any town – we're a place where indie music finds a warm, welcoming home. Around 0.6% of Spotify users vibed with Burlington's tunes, which is pretty remarkable given that there’s over 1300 Sound Towns! This recognition is likely to draw more eyeballs and earballs to what we're doing here, bringing in more visitors and music lovers. And hey, we're all about sharing what makes Burlington special.

And now, for a special treat to all our readers and fellow music enthusiasts! We've curated not one, but two unique Spotify playlists just for you!

The first playlist is a tribute to everyone who found their musical soul in Burlington through Spotify's Sound Town feature. It's packed with tunes that resonate with our city's vibe – think of it as Burlington's musical essence, bottled up for your listening pleasure.

The second playlist? It's a heartfelt shoutout to the incredible artists with roots in Burlington. We're talking about a collection that showcases the diverse and rich musical talent that has blossomed right here in our city. From indie darlings to alternative trailblazers, this playlist is a testament to the creative spirit that thrives in Burlington's streets. It's not just music; it's a journey through the heart and soul of our local arts scene.

So, plug in your headphones, hit play, and let Burlington's rhythm move you!