Listen up, star-gazers and sun-chasers, for we've got news that'll have you packing your bags and pointing your compasses towards Burlington, Vermont. Come April 8, 2024, our little gem of a city will be the grand stage for a celestial ballet – the total solar eclipse.

An eclipse, you ask? Yes, indeed! That mesmerizing moment when the moon, feeling a tad cheeky, dances right between us and the sun. This cosmic tango paints a fleeting path of darkness – the "path of totality" – across our humble Earth, and not all places are treated equally. Guess who's got front-row seats this time? That's right folks, Burlington, Vermont.

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Our coordinates are like winning lottery numbers, putting us smack in the path of totality for 2024. Around four minutes of day turned to twilight, of stars popping out to say hello, and of the sun's outer atmosphere - the solar corona - flaunting its ethereal beauty. We’ll witness about three minutes and sixteen seconds of jaw-dropping wonder. It's basically the universe's own IMAX theater, right here in our backyard. 

Just picture it – the eclipse unfolding over Lake Champlain, with the Adirondacks standing tall in the distance and the Green Mountains at your back. This will be a mingling of natural grandeur with cosmic spectacle that will etch the experience forever  into your memory. And let's not forget, this is Burlington– we know how to throw a shindig. Expect the region to burst with artistic flair, community spirit, and our unique brand of offbeat charm. We'll have toe-tapping tunes, mind-bending science exhibits, and a smorgasbord of local flavors. It's not just an eclipse viewing, it's a celebration of Mother Nature and her favorite child; the Champlain Valley.

So, dust off those eclipse glasses (or grab some of ours), and get ready to join us in Vermont! We're more than just a dot on the path of totality. We're a welcoming community, bursting with pride, ready to share an unforgettable, offbeat, and utterly awe-inspiring celestial event with you. Bring your curiosity, bring your appetite, and bring your sense of wonder – Burlington has the rest covered!


To find out more about Burlington's location in the Path of Totality, check out our page here! 

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