Northern Vermont can be pretty quirky and unconventional, and we're all about embracing the unusual, even when it comes to celestial events like total solar eclipses. So, if you're planning to witness this awe-inspiring cosmic spectacle in our neck of the woods in April 2024, here's some down-to-earth advice to ensure you get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience.


Dress for the Eccentric Vermont Weather

April in Vermont can be a bit like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're gonna get. One day it's sunshine and warmth, the next it's raining ice daggers from the sky or dropping 18” of fresh powder to keep spring skiing dreams alive. That's why we encourage you to channel your inner Vermonter when it comes to dressing for eclipse viewing. Layer up and leave your cotton behind! As they say, "There's no bad weather, only bad clothing choices." Be prepared for brisk temperatures and sudden shifts in the weather. And just because it’s warm and sunny at low altitude doesn’t mean it’s not cold and windy up high!

Protect Your Peepers with Eclipse Glasses

This one’s a no brainer.  While gazing at an eclipse, it's crucial to protect your eyes from the sun's intense rays. Enter the trusty eclipse glasses, which you can find here if you’re coming to Greater Burlington at a number of events and in many hotels, or you can bring your own in advance. These shades are specially designed to filter out harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation, ensuring that you can safely admire the eclipse without worrying about any judgment from your retinas. Double check that your glasses are ISO Certified eclipse-safe! 

Eclipse Glasses

Unconventional Viewing Devices

If you're feeling a bit more unconventional, you might want to explore some alternative ways to view the eclipse. One offbeat option is to create a pinhole projector, which turns a piece of cardboard into a DIY eclipse viewer. It's the kind of hands-on experience that we love to celebrate in Burlington. Just poke a small hole in the cardboard and let the sun's rays shine through onto another piece of paper or a surface. You'll be treated to a unique and safe view of the eclipse's progress.

Share the Experience

Here in Burlington, we're all about coming together as a community. So, why not get active and join fellow eclipse enthusiasts for a group viewing experience? Events large and small are popping up throughout the region as we get closer to April 8, 2024. Bookmark our eclipse page to stay up to date on the activities! With April’s unpredictable weather. These official events  are will offer the best and safest eclipse viewing experiences in the region. Along with the eclipse, many of them will have music and activities before during and after the celestial event itself so you can make the most of your time here.

If you’d rather avoid any crowds for your eclipse experience, please be sure to stay off of private property when choosing your location. Even in public spaces, please be considerate of the ground conditions while viewing. Standing and walking on April’s soggy ground can damage lawns and grass before they have a chance to start growing in the warmer months!

Stay Off of Lake Champlain!

It’s pretty unusual for us to recommend staying off of Lake Champlain. With all the great boating, sailing, paddling, swimming you can do in the summer and the skating and ice fishing fun in the Winter, we’re usually the ones telling people to get out there. April is a little different, however. There may be some ice in the bays, but that time of year it’s bound to be thin. Even if there’s no ice and weather is gorgeous, that water will be bone-chilling cold! While it might seem like an amazing viewing opportunity, please stay off the Lake during the eclipse! There are plenty of other fantastic spots around Burlington to witness this cosmic spectacle.

We’re looking forward to having you in Greater Burlington for what will be an incredible, unforgettable event. Plan ahead, dress warm, stay off the lake and get ready for a great time in Burlington! 


Downtown Waterfront in April