Howdy neighbor! And welcome home to Burlington! This is a truly unique corner of the earth. A place with Vermont attitude and a small city’s assets. While we’re used to sharing our home with family, friends, and folks from far away, this summer, we’re hoping we can share it with a few more neighbors. It’s going to be a little different, but we’ve always been proud to be different. And Burlington is a place of balance; Balance between work and life, mountains and water, urban and rural just to name a few. So balancing between safety and good times comes pretty naturally here. With a lot of hand washing, a face mask and some physical distancing, we’re going to make this another amazing Burlington summer!

To help you get started, here are a few suggestions you might not have thought of. Some are old, some are new, but all of them will help you kick off a great trip to the Queen City.


We’ve all got our favorites, and that’s okay! Support them passionately, and advocate for their livelihood always. But every so often, it’s okay to sprinkle in a new flavor! Have you found these special spots off the beaten path? 

Ice Cream Bob - Known as the unofficial Mayor of the Waterfront, Ice Cream Bob is our hero! Serving up the tastiest maple raspberry creemee in the land, he’ll also cover you for a hot dog and hamburger combo that gives you that nostalgic taste of your childhood summers. A true staple along the Burlington Waterfront! 

Tom Girl Juice Co. - We see you girl! We can’t think of a brighter, beautiful place to enjoy a juice, smoothie bowl, or fresh salad. This boss-lady business is hitting all the right notes with healthy, vibrant Vermont vibes. Need a local bite? She’s got you covered with local farms woven into her business plan. 

Onyx Tonics - The name alone makes us wanna go! This coffee tasting bar in the heart of Burlington is filled with robust tastes and insta-worthy latte art. While they deliver flavor profiles from around the world, they work to support local businesses too! They fill their shop with Vermont milk, teas, pastries...and even Vermont hand soap! 


Sometimes we forget to be a tourist in our own town. We don’t always remember that our own county is a bounty of fun! Be honest with us, how many of these tours have you actually done? 

City Brew Tours - What are we known for? BEER! What did we come for? BEER! Why do we live here? BEER! Okay, maybe not why we live here, but it’s a big part of who we are. The Burlington Brew Tours experience will allow you to drink while they drive. Get a taste of up to 15 different craft beers while visiting 3-4 breweries. Um...yes please! 

Spirit of Ethan Allen - Our local floating restaurant and Vermont’s only cruise ship is clean as a whistle with staff ready to welcome you to Lake Champlain. While cruise ships may not be all the rage right now, this ship has taken all the right measures to make their passengers feel safe and sound. Lake Champlain will lure you in...but the hospitality will keep you coming back! Need value? Grab a season pass so you can enjoy the breeze all summer long. 

Queen City Ghostwalk - Offering a variety of spooky strolls through our Queen City, this company will give you goosies! Choose your own adventure on the Darkness Falls tour or the Ghosts and Legends of Lake Champlain - you’ll learn of Vermont’s mad men, America’s first serial killer, Champlain’s phantom ships, and more. Too terrified of the tours? How about a Tarot reading instead! 


Our beautiful Mother Earth awaits in every single corner of Vermont. Behind neighborhoods, you’ll find trail networks. Amidst the concrete, you’ll find the green. As the country’s first city to run on renewable energy, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Local Motion Bike Ferry - This bike-friendly beauty is converted from the Central Vermont Railway. “The Cut” was a 200-foot gap that prevented riders from making the hop to the Lake Champlain Islands - the ‘Beauty Spot of Vermont’ - after the original bridge was dismantled. You won’t find prettier views - it’s an ACTUAL island in Vermont. All you pet lovers out there - you can bring your dog on this special ferry! 

Burlington Wildways - Weaving all the way from the North End to the South End, the Wildways connect a giant trail network throughout the city. But this little organization is a true gem of Burlington - they find the Burlington Balance by connecting leisure with responsibility - leisure for the people, responsibility ensuring that these shared lands are protected and cared for. 

Oakledge Park - We hate to be basic with our beaches, but Oakledge Park is truly bountiful. With rocks to roam, trails to blaze, and beaches to bum, this park has it all. Playgrounds? Grills? Paddleboard rentals from Paddlesurf Champlain? Tennis courts? We could go on, but we won’t. This park is one of our favorites for a reason!