There’s a palpable sense of celebration in the air right now. The term, “Reopening”, doesn’t really do it justice. We’re experiencing concerts, crowds, and even hugs with an almost childlike giddiness. Going to the coffee shop is a thing worth talking about. We’re actually interacting with strangers again. And Church Street feels like Church Street and that feels pretty amazing.

We wanted to capture this moment in pictures, but it’s a pretty vague assignment to “capture the reopening”. So vague, in fact, that we realized there’s no point saying anything else to our friend and photographer, Bear Cieri, “Just go capture the reopening anyway you want to.” was all we had for him. Sometimes you can strangle yourself with a long leash on a creative assignment. Other times it gives you all the room you need to roam free. In this instance, we think time it worked out pretty darn well.

See for yourself. Burlington is back.