Although it is no secret that Burlington, Vermont loves beer, you may be curious to know how it all came about in such a tiny corner of the world. The history of craft beer is deep rooted in the culture and livelihood of Burlington. Breweries like Vermont Pub and BrewSwitchback Brewing, and many new local breweries have written their own script for success in the local beer scene.

The greater Burlington area has a plethora of great beer options. In the heart of Burlington you are no more than a 5-minutes drive to half a dozen of Vermont's best breweries. Although, even if you are exploring the area and find yourself in the Champlain Islands, Essex, Richmond, or one of the other special towns outside of the city, there will surely be a local brewery or 'watering hole' patiently waiting to pour a fresh pint with your name on it.

Here is a quick guide to breweries in the Burlington area. 


Burlington Beer Company

  • 180 Flynn Avenue
  • (802) 863-2337

Burlington Beer Company or BBCO is located along Flynn Ave in the South End. Brewing some of the region's best and most…

Switchback Brewing Co.

  • 160 Flynn Avenue
  • (802) 651-4114

Switchback Brewery has been a pillar in the South End brewing community, brewing unfiltered and naturally carbonated…

Zero Gravity Brewery

  • 716 Pine Street
  • (802) 497-0054

Zero Gravity has been a watering hole for craft beer lovers since opening as a brewpub inside American Flatbread in 2004…

Simple Roots Brewing

  • 1127 North Ave #8
  • (802) 399-2658

Here at Simple Roots we are passionate about brewing quality craft beer. Our easy drinking beers are inspired by life’s…

Foam Brewers

  • 112 Lake Street, Burlington, VT
  • (802) 399-2511

Foam Brewers was started in 2016 by an eclectic group of industry professionals with a shared appreciation for brewing…

Queen City Brewing

  • 703 Pine Street
  • (802) 540-0280

Burlington’s vibrant craft beer scene is known for its internationally acclaimed brews and its overall camaraderie, which…

Vermont Pub and Brewery

  • 144 College St
  • (802) 865-0500

Vermont's original craft brewpub and a premier local experience was founded by the late, renowned craft-brewing pioneer…


The fun doesn't end outside of Burlington. These breweries are each uniquely situated to compliment the Vermont beer scene. Every brewery has adapted a style and brings a new twist of flavors and ideas to the taproom. Spend a day exploring the area and don't miss out on stopping by one of these breweries for a delicious pint. 

Four Quarters Brewing

  • 70 Main Street
  • (802) 391-9120

Four Quarters Brewing founded in 2014 focuses their growing beer portfolio on the cycle of life, the journey that each…

Black Flannel Brewing Co.

  • 21 Essex Way
  • (802) 857-5629

Vermont's only brewery/distillery combo located in the Essex Experience. Black Flannel's full service restaurant includes…

1st Republic Brewing

  • 39 River Rd #6
  • (802) 857-5318

We love beer! We love to brew it; we love to drink it; we love to teach others about it. Because you deserve the best…

Goodwater Brewery

  • 740 Marshall Ave
  • (802)999-739699-7396(802)999-7396

Located in Williston Vermont, Goodwater Brewery serves a wide selection of easy to drink beers for a variety of palettes.

14th Star Brewing

  • 133 North Main Street
  • (802) 528-5988

14th Star is a veteran-built craft brewery on a mission to brew high-quality beer while enriching our community. Visit…

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

  • 6305 Shelburne Rd
  • (802) 399-2994

Fiddlehead Brewing Company is a brewer owned business. Crafting approachable, multidimensional beers, while showing…

Frost Beer Works

  • 171 Commerce St
  • (949) 945-4064

Crafters of tropical, balanced, delicious hazy IPAs. Proudly brewed in Vermont.

Weird Window Brewing

  • 82 Ethan Allen Dr suite a
  • (802) 489-5279

Weird Window Brewing is a small craft brewery located in South Burlington dedicated to creating exciting brews for…

Lucy & Howe Brewing Company

  • 51 VT RT 15
  • (802) 497-4447

Lucy and Howe Brewing Company is a nano-brewery located in the lovely town of Jericho, Vermont. Our taproom is in the…


Winemakers in and around Burlington are unlocking the regions terroir with delicious and exciting results. Explore wine from the beautiful Champlain Islands at Snow Farm Vineyard or Ellison Estates, pop into  Shelburne Vineyard for a sample of Iapedus, or browse the assortment of natural wines at Wilder Wines, a local neighborhood wine shop with an selection of wines from all around the world.

Dedalus Wine

  • 388 Pine Street
  • (802) 865-2368

Are you ready for a better wine culture? We are. Dedalus closes the gap between wine growers and wine drinkers. We…

Shelburne Vineyard

  • 6308 Shelburne Road
  • (802) 985-8222

From vine to glass, making the finest quality wine from northern varietal grapes. With a lush Vermont landscape as its…

Wilder Wines

  • 146 Cherry Street
  • (802) 540-1048

Wilder Wines is Burlington's premier selection of wine in the bottle.