Lake Champlain is commonly referred to as the “Sixth Great Lake” and living on one of the largest lakes in North America means water is all around us. It is a substance that plays a huge role in the lives of locals and visitors alike. For those lucky enough to live in Vermont, the lake serves as an internal compass, the lake is west, and everything else falls into place.

Throughout the spring, the water throughout the region comes back to life. As the weather warms, the ice unlocks and soon the majestic rivers of the Green Mountains begin to flow freely again, connecting the mountains to the lake. Before long, we’re in simultaneous motion ourselves. Sailboats and paddleboards dot the lakes surface, kayaks and canoes set out to explore the wild riverways, and anglers from all over flock to Lake Champlain for their chance at a trophy catch.


We asked our friend, Caleb Kenna, to take to the sky to gather some shots that celebrate the water all around us.