At the crossroads between business, pleasure, adventure and locavore, Burlington has positioned itself perfectly to be a premier destination to host group outings, conferences, events and much more. Situated along the eastern shores of Lake Champlain and posted between the mountains and the water sits the small but mighty city of Burlington. With an emphasis on all things local, outdoors, warm & cozy, and even hoppy and tasty Burlington constantly provides something new to track down off the beaten path.

International Workshop on Agritourism


Much more than meeting space, Burlington’s fresh air clears minds, inspires thoughtful conversation, and reconnects individuals with the environment and community leaving them refreshed and recharged.



Hosting an event in Vermont is a special occasion for all four seasons. Every season provides its own set of opportunities to explore and adventure the green mountain state. From the lakes to the mountains, to breweries and restaurants, Burlington provides the best of an urban destination and combines it with the absolute best of a rural destination.

EventOnce you host an event in Burlington, you’ll understand what the buzz has been about and how your organization can partake in the good times. Providing attendees with a fun, upbeat destination with an abundance of activities, attractions, things to do can be exactly what they need to relax and enjoy their time away from the desk. Give your group a break from the meeting space and head outdoors.


Our mountains aren’t just for skiing - encourage your attendees to bring their clubs and hit the links, rent mountain bikes and explore the hillside, or just get outside and go for a walk through downtown.

Burlington has long been a place where people go to connect. Connect with each other as a community, with our intrinsic resources, and most importantly with our environment and eco-system.


Putting everything back into perspective with an eye on the future, provoking forward thinking thoughts while questioning traditional ideals and beliefs.

burlington's Church Street Marketplace


From the hotel to the lakes and mountains let your attendees explore, adventure, and

discover the natural beauty of Vermont..

Start with the Burlington and learn about all the different ways your group can tap into a world full of new possibilities, great meeting venues, and beautiful backdrops for your next meeting or conference!


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