Written by Carolinne Griffin


For years Tove Ohlander, the designer, glassmaker, factory owner and busy mom of three, was on a mission to find durable women’s workwear that looked good and fit her lifestyle. Tired of boxy Carhartts and limited options, Ohlander got to work designing a functional riff off the iconic wrap skirt. In 2017 she took her garments to market, assuming another role as the owner-activist behind Tove Wear.

Tove Wear is a sustainable clothing line made with 100% organic, fair-trade cotton denim. The collection begins with the Maker Skirt, an ideal piece for any woman who wants to get things done. “It’s a new take on what I think is a legendary design,” says Ohlander, who moved the seam of the classic wrap from the front to the back and fine- tuned the skirt with strategic pockets, work loops, and easy to maneuver straps. Then, building off the Maker Skirt, Ohlander developed the Trade Apron Dress that has a bib for upper-body coverage, and the Farm Apron Dress, featuring tulip-shaped pockets with an overall more feminine fit. All styles come in five colors and sizes, some in short or long options, to accommodate any preference.


Since day one, Tove Wear has been centered around ecological practices, working with a GOTS-certified supply chain in Bangalore, India, to produce its designs. This commitment landed the brand on the United Nation’s Official Partnership page for meeting 11 out of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Ohlander’s goal now is to grow the business in the U.S., thereby bolstering her factory partners in India, who support and employ marginalized women and girls. “I’m coming at this as an activist. I want to create more options and opportunities for women.” And with every Maker Skirt sold, Ohlander is doing just that—stitching together sustainable, functional fashion for women from all walks of life, work and play.