Under the illuminating glow of Virtue Field in Burlington, a landmark event is about to unfold. This isn’t just another soccer game; it’s a pivotal moment for Vermont, marking the state’s debut in a competition steeped in over a century of history. On Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 PM, Vermont Green FC will gear up to face Lexington SC in an epic U.S. Open Cup showdown. It’s an electrifying opportunity for Vermont soccer fans to rally behind its team. 


Vermont Green FC


The annual knockout cup competition is the oldest ongoing national soccer tournament in the US and integrates teams from different levels of the American soccer pyramid, including Major League Soccer and Vermont Green FC’s United Soccer League. It represents the pinnacle of American soccer’s spirit of opportunity; a stage where legends are born and underdogs dare to dream. It’s a tournament where the thrill of competition knows no bounds and the winning team earns a berth in the CONCACAF Champions Cup to challenge themselves against the best clubs from North and Central America and the Caribbean. Our cherished battalion, Vermont Green FC, stands at the forefront, ready to etch their names in history by hosting this clash - a first of its kind on Vermont soil.


Vermont Green FC - Celebration


The match is viewed by Vermont Green FC’s leadership and supporters not just as a competition but as a representation of the club's relationship with the community. Patrick Infurna, club co-founder, captured this sentiment perfectly, stating "The players know how much this club means to the community, and they know that the chance to play for Vermont Green in a historic-first like this will be a big opportunity for everyone, not just themselves." Infurna anticipates the extraordinary moment, saying “We can’t wait to see a packed Virtue Field getting loud for our Boys in Green.” It’s a clarion call for the community to come together, come alive, roar in unison, and transform the sure-to-be standing room only bleachers into a thunderous, scale-tipping 12th-player advantage. Secure your tickets to the match here!

In facing Lexington SC, a formidable opponent from USL League One, Vermont Green FC is adapting its preparation strategy significantly. Given the limited training sessions at this early point in the season and a squad built with an amalgamation of players from various backgrounds, the focus is on leveraging the quality and adaptability of the team. They will also give Lexington’s professional club the on-field respect they deserve. Fans can expect the home team to employ a plucky and opportunistic match plan, exploiting its opponents gaps and missteps with quick counter-offensive measures as they are presented within the flow of the game.


Vermont Green Trophy


The approach embodies Vermont’s shared values of being forward-thinking and unconventional. And the team, comprised of players with professional aspirations, not only mirrors Vermont’s ethos of hard work, creativity, and resilience, but is also a mission-driven organization incorporating sustainability and social responsibility into its operations and community engagement. This match is not merely about soccer; it's a celebration of Vermont’s collective spirit, where accepting challenges and supporting local endeavors are woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Adam Pfiefer, Vermont Green FC’s Sporting Director, echoes this belief, acknowledging the club’s determined underdog spirit but radiating confidence in the talent and resolve of the team. He promises, “The boys will give everything they’ve got for the chance to advance in the tournament.” It’s an inspiring narrative for all of Vermont; a community that stands together with open arms and a steadfast belief in its collective strength can embrace obstacles and make history.


 Vermont Green FC

This game is more than a sporting event; it’s a gathering that epitomizes the Vermont experience. It’s about neighbors and community partners being with one another, sharing moments of joy, and supporting a team that stands for our values. As Infurna suggests, it’s gratitude in action for the people who willed the team on to this point. And in that spirit, he reminds us “...no matter what the result is…the fans and the community have created something that we hope will not only be lasting but will continue to compete at the highest levels available to us."


Secure your tickets. Fill the stands. Cheer on the Boys in Green. Be a part of the night that will be remembered as the beginning of a new era for soccer in Vermont. 


Let’s make history together. Let’s rise with the Green.




Photo Credit: Patrick McCormack & Vermont Green FC