Hello Burlington wants to inspire visitors with authentic and genuine editorial and multimedia content.  We are always looking for seasoned writers, photographers and multimedia storytellers with deep connections to Burlington, a desire to explore, and an interest in sharing their experiences with future explorers. 

We pay for archival content and will also be offering bylined freelance story, photo, and video assignments in the future.  

To join our content network, you must have local connections, writing or multimedia experience and a desire to create inspirational stories that demonstrate the diversity and depth of the Burlington experience. 

Interested writers, photographers, videographers, and producers will be added to our database for consideration as the network and assignments are further developed. Compensation and deliverable specifics will be provided on a project by project basis. Contact us at info@helloburlingtonvt.com.

Social Media & User-Generated Content

We also love to showcase the Burlington area through inspiring social media photography, and seek to both purchase work and to feature work on many topics. On Instagram, tag your photos with the hashtag #helloburlington, and your photo may be featured on our channel. Photos tagged #helloburlington  may also be featured on our Facebook channel.

For any other questions regarding working with Hello Burlington please contact us.