Get set for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Burlington, Vermont! No need to be a pro photographer – Just grab your smartphone and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime view. Check out our guide to capturing the stunning Burlington eclipse experience!


1. Safety First:

Before you start snapping photos, remember that looking directly at the sun during an eclipse can damage your eyes. Utilize eclipse glasses or a solar viewer to protect your vision while witnessing this natural wonder. Safety always comes first, even in a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don’t harm yourself! 

Eclipse Glasses

2. Find the Perfect Spot:

Explore Burlington's diverse viewing locations, such as Waterfront Park, Battery Park, or Oakledge Park. Or venture to a rural area just outside of town for a quieter escape. Here is a list of viewing locations and events in the area! 

3. Smartphone Setup:

Modern smartphone cameras have evolved to rival dedicated point-and-shoot cameras from just a few years ago. You're equipped with a versatile tool to document the eclipse and share a once in a lifetime experience on Social Media! 

Ensure your smartphone is ready for action by turning off the flash and adjusting the exposure settings to capture the eclipse's unique lighting conditions. A tripod or stable surface can help eliminate shaky shots.


4. Use a Viewfinder:

For precise framing, consider using a viewfinder app or the live view mode on your smartphone. This helps you center the sun correctly in your frame and avoid unnecessary glare. If you’re looking to take it to the next step, explore innovative products like Solar Snap, complete with an accompanying smartphone app designed to simplify solar imaging. It effortlessly handles Solar Eclipse Photossolar image sizing, focusing, and exposure adjustments. Take it a step further by investing in auxiliary lenses, perfect for high-magnification photos or wide-angle shots. Some adapters even allow you to connect your smartphone camera to a telescope eyepiece.


5. Timing is Crucial:

Capture the eclipse's different phases—the partial eclipse, total eclipse, and the moments before and after. Each stage offers a unique perspective of the Total Eclipse. Be sure to be properly set up and read to go minutes or more before the Eclipse starts.

6. Share Your Images:

Burlington is a city that celebrates individuality, so don't hesitate to share your eclipse photos on social media. Tag us @helloburlington or use one of these hashtags like #HelloBurlington and #SolarEclipse2024 to share your beautiful eclipse photography. 

7. Be Respectful of the Environment and Other People:

In Burlington, we encourage you to embrace your unique perspective. However, please be respectful of private property and locations that are not for viewing the Solar Eclipse. Although this event only lasts for a little over 3 minutes. Please be kind to those around you and respectful to the environment.