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Maybe it’s the region’s deep roots in Yankee self-sufficiency or maybe it’s the creative energy that runs through this place like a river. Then again, it might be the forward-thinking nature of a community that deplores the idea of needless consumption, fast fashion and excess. Whatever it is, Burlington’s maker community has deep roots in a community that has long embraced the ideas of buying local and building quality products that are built to last.

Rack and Ruin

And it’s a combination Vermont pride and plain common sense that drives retailers like Burlington’s Common Deer and Golden Hour in Winooski to showcase a wide portfolio of Vermont made products in their retail storefronts and Ecom stores. Buying local makes a ton of sense when it also means buying awesome. Common Deer co-owner, Sarah Beal sums it up saying, “Buying Local isn't just a fad for Vermonters - it's a way of being. The artists and creatives behind Vermont-made are our neighbors and in Vermont you support your neighbors, even if you've never actually met them. Of course, it certainly helps that Vermont makers are incredibly talented and produce such a variety of products - that even as a store that works with 100s of Vermont makers and artists - we're always wowed with new things that we find made right here. Common Deer exists to help makers find customers that care, and to help customers find Makers they should care about.”

MAde in Vermont

Since it’s a tough year for travel and in-person shopping, we’re making it easy to bring Vermont home for the holidays with a list of makers, craftspeople, and retailers that sell online. So you can find exactly what you’re looking for and give a piece of Vermont to someone you love this holiday season.

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