The Rock Point Trails off of the Burlington Bike Path have recently reopened, allowing access to a breathtaking cliff walk overlooking Lake Champlain. Reopening these 2+ miles of local trail system will allow for locals and visitors to explore more of the Burlington Wildlife Trails as well as the magnificent history of the rocks these trails are built on.

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The 160-acre Rock Point Forest is a wilderness sanctuary tucked into Burlington’s New North End. Perched on Lone Rock Point which juts sharply out in to Lake Champlain, the forest sits on a unique geological formation called the Champlain Thrust Fault. The fault is a remarkable exposure of contact between Cambrian-aged Dunham Dolomite and Middle-Ordovician Iberville Shale. The fault is considered one of the most significant in New England.

While the geological activity of the area is best seen from the lake, the forest trails that rest above are a peaceful and serene getaway with exceptional views. Make sure to pick up your trail passes before visiting and remember to be mindful of the well-kept trails brought to you by the Lake Champlain Land Trust!

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