If ever there was a winter of discontent, it is now. Like the rest of the world, we’re locked into a holding pattern, remaining vigilant, and keeping a hopeful eye on the vaccine rollout. Winter can be a quiet time of year up here and this winter is far quieter than usual. Suffice it to say that we miss you, world. More than ever. It’s kind of like those love songs where someone didn’t know how much they loved you until you were gone. Except in this case, there’s a pandemic involved.

But despite the emptier spaces and the quietude, the beauty of the Champlain Valley remains unchanged. In fact, our connection to our place, these mountains, and this lake, have only grown deeper in your absence. While we’re flying solo, we wanted to share some of the experience with those who can’t be here with us. Special thanks to our friend, Caleb Kenna (@calebkenna) for gathering up some aerial photography that captures the mood precisely.