Burlington’s New North End is a thriving part of the city. Home to growing number of young, hardworking families, ‘The New North End’ is basically considered everything North of North Beach and Burlington High School (North Ave., BHS) to Starr Farm Dog Beach and Leddy Park and everything else in-between. This Burlington neighborhood always been home to all kinds of local businesses, and local entrepreneurs are continuing to find success in their home neighborhoods. Delicious restaurants, breweries and other vendors call the New North End home, and the area continues to increase in popularity among locals and visitors alike. Located just north of downtown Burlington, the New North End is accessible by the Burlington Bike Path or a short drive down North Ave.

It’s easy to spend a few hours exploring and indulging through the New North End. Find yourself strolling along the sandy beaches of Lake Champlain, sampling locally brewed beers, or discovering some of Burlington’s most unique monuments and parks. Here are some recommendations on things to do and places to eat in Burlington’s New North End.




Ethan Allen Tower

Take a stroll through Ethan Allen Park and meander through the carriage trail system as they lead you to the Ethan Allen Tower, a monument memorializing Ethan Allen, Burlington’s local Revolutionary War Hero.

This monument, is positioned looking back towards the city and provides beautiful views of the University of Vermont. The Ethan Allen Tower is available to visit, click here for hours of operation.

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Burlington Sea Caves

Spend an hour exploring the Burlington Sea Caves, this unique site is only accessible during the winter months when the pond is frozen over. Referred to as the “Devils Den” or the “Intervale Sea Caves” the myths, legends, and history continue at this unique site in the New North End.

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Leddy Park

Leddy Park is a beautiful recreational area with athletic fields, an indoor ice rink, and a sand beach on Lake Champlain. The Burlington Bike Path provides easy access to and from downtown Burlington, while parking is also accessible at Leddy Park.

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Ethan Allen Homestead

As previously mentioned, Ethan Allen was without a doubt, one of the first residents of Burlington’s New North End. The Ethan Allen Homestead is a historic site and museum showcasing the magnificent history of the area.

Get a glance of what life was like in the 18th Century, before and after the Revolutionary War. Take a tour of the Allen House, built in 1787 and walk the historic grounds of the residence.

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Image by Ethan Allen Homestead



Rock Point Center

Looking for a short hike near downtown Burlington? Check out Rock Point Trails! Over two miles of walking and hiking trails on 130 acres of privately owned and conserved land along the shores of Lake Champlain.

You must obtain a pass to access the grounds, click here to reserve your pass today!

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Butter Bar & Kitchen

The Butter Bar brings the classic ‘Gastropub’ styled food to the New North End. With an eclectic menu featuring a number of homestyle favorites like a Fried Chicken Sandwich, or America’s favorite international import; Poutine.



Simple Roots Brewery

Simple Roots Brewery has become a staple of the New North End. Brewing approachable beers that can be enjoyed by anyone. The friendly staff makes you feel right at home, while a nice cold pint could be the refreshment you deserve.



Pingala Café


Pingala recently opened a new restaurant in the New North End! This vegan style restaurant serves up organic breakfast, lunch & weekend brunch, plus gourmet coffee & craft beers. Check out their new location!



Bagel Café & Deli

Burlington’s second favorite food group, besides beer. The Bagel Cafe and Deli has been providing delicious bagels and breakfast sandwiches to the Old North End every day from 6am - 2pm!



Miss Weinerz

Miss Weinerz is a neighborhood bakery specializing in homemade sourdough donuts, buns, breads, cakes, cookies, chips, & more. If you haven’t had the pleasure of having a Miss Weinerz donut, it’s a must!

Find Miss Weinerz here



Bessery’s Butcher Shop

Bessery’s neighborhood butcher shop is a New North End icon, established in 1963, this full-service gourmet company specializes in the highest quality of fresh meats, pork, poultry, grocery products, along with beer and wine. Stop by for a sandwich or freshly butchered meats.

Hello Bessery’s

La Boca Woodfired Pizza

Wood-Fired Pizza in Burlington’s New North End! Pop into La Boca relax after a long day of adventuring! The wood-fired pizza is spectacular especially paired with a cold beer or glass of wine in a relaxing atmosphere.